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Pastor Martha Newman 

First Lady Newman is a native of Hollywood, FL. First Lady Newman is a charismatic leader, author, visionary and entrepreneur who served diligently alongside her late husband, Pastor Alan M. Newman Sr., of Covenant Builders Ministries, in Orlando, FL.. 

Pastor Martha Newman sole purpose is to continue to push the goal that her husband had laid out, for the ministry. Pastor Newman is the founder of Bread Of Heaven, and Women Of Excellence Ministry; which is a women’s’ fellowship that meets once a month to share and to discuss the value they have as Women of God, and to inspire women to discover and/or give birth to the gift of God on the inside of them. In, 2016, The Dream Whisper (Steps for Success) was born; helps men and women define and establish their God-given purpose inside of them. She is an anointed, uncompromising teacher of the Word of God. 

Of all of her many accomplishments, Evangelist Newman takes greatest pride in these: her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, her role as a wife, mother of two children – Alan Newman Jr and Patricia Newman. Her eternal goal is to tear down the kingdom of darkness as she prophetically brings light to all who will hear her.

Covenant Builders Ministries 


"Changing Lives One Step At A Time"



Pastor Alan M. Newman Sr. 

Pastor Alan M. Newman Sr. was born in Roxboro, North Carolina, .but was destined to move to Orlando, FL. Pastor Alan Newman is a richly anointed Teacher and Preacher of the Word of God. In 1998, Pastor Newman heard the voice of the Lord, and moved his family to Orlando, FL. 

In 2008, Pastor Newman connected with his Spiritual Leaders Bishop I.V. & Dr. Bridget Hilliard. Which has help propel his ministry to the next level  

Pastor Alan M. Newman Sr. was married to the lovely Evangelist Martha Newman, and is the father of 2 children. 

Pastor Newman believed that his sole purpose in the city of Orlando was to build meaningful relationships in the family, also to improve the quality of lifestyle in the community, and to he

lp men to be better husbands to their wives and better fathers to their children.


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